CPCRetroDev 2020

Welcome to #CPCRetroDev 2020, the 8th edition of the University of Alicante’s retro game creation contest. This is the contest that rewards the best and most creative developers in the retro scene, capable of making the best video games for Amstrad CPC 464.

Relevant dates

Submissions deadline: Tuesday, 3/november 2020, 23:59h UTC+1

Award ceremony:    Friday, 13/november 2020, 19:00h UTC+1


Due to the impact of the coronavirus, we are on hold with some funding sources. We will update the awards as soon as they are confirmed.

TOTAL confirmed until now: 995 € in prizes.

The prizes will be distributed in the following categories:

  • PRO category: Awards for the best rated games in the competition.
  • UA Category: Awards to the best students of the UA who do not obtain a higher PRO award.
  • Sponsors: Prizes awarded by the contest sponsors, with their personalized criteria and dynamics.
  • 150€ Arcade Vintage ‘s special mention to the best arcade game.
  • 75€ – IndieGameMusic ‘s award for the best music. The presented themes must be original or be in possesion of their use permission.
  • 70€ – Ready and Play ‘s award for the best newcomer game. Those developer teams who send their first game to this edition of the CPCRetroDev will compete for this special award.

We will announce the details about these awards as they are confirmed.


All games containing a reference to Prince of Persia / Broderbund (1990) , will receive additional score. This reference will be freely chosen by the developers, as long as it appears as part of the gameplay and is clearly recognizable.

Facts of interest

  • A physical cassette edition of all the games presented will be made.
  • The games presented will be of free theme, as long as it is suitable for all audiences.

The rules of the competition will be published and announced in the next few days.

Recommended development tools

Universidad de Alicante Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital Escuela Politécnica Superior Universidad de Alicante ByteRealms Cheesetea
Arcade Vintage Ready&Play Juanje juega