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#CPCRetroDev2014 Cassette Pack

1 Cassette containing all 16 games presented to #CPCRetroDev 2014 for Amstrad CPC 464, 664 y 6128 computers.

Shipping costs included. Indirect taxes may apply.

Available units:

#CPCRetroDev2014 Cassette
#CPCRetroDev2014 cassette pack is not available. We will issue a communicate when new cassette pack units become available for online selling. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our motivation

Selling these cassette editions has the purpose of promoting the work made by participants, as well as obtaining resources for maintaining the contest. All the money comming from purchases will be used to improve #CPCRetroDev, its prizes and physical editions. With your purchase you are contributing to maintain and improve the contest, and to motivate developers to create new and better games for our beloved retro machines.


We deeply appreciate the support coming from all of you buying these cassettes. Your help will let us produce more and better #CPCRetroDev editions, motivating developers to give new live to our machines. Big thanks to all of you :)

We also want to give very big special thanks to Devilish Games, whose collaboration has been essential to bring cassettes to the market. We are in debt with them and the least we can do is putting our gratitude into words: very big thanks to you :)

Buying terms

On purchasing one or serveral cassettes you confirm that you have understood and agreed these terms:

  • Games sold on cassette tape are created exclusively for Amstrad CPC/CPC+ 464, 664 and 6128 microcomputers.
  • Cassette inlay and some of the games have spanish-only texts, that do not prevent games from being played.
  • Despite the high quality standards and efforts involved in the production of these cassettes, there is no way to guarantee that all the games contained will successfully load on a given machine.
  • Because of this, we do not accept changes/returns or issue refunds due to some games failing to load.
  • Please, take into account that buying this product you are helping #CPCRetroDev and the developer community. Any return or refund will transform this help into a cost, diminishing resources available for expanding the contest and its goals. We beg you to be responsible in this sense, and only ask for changes, returns or refunds on serious situations, and not because of minimal problems.

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