CPC RetroDev 2019

#CPCRetroDev 2018 All GamesWelcome to #CPCRetroDev 2019, the 7th edition of the retro game creation contest of the University of Alicante. This contest awards the best and most creative developers of the retro scene, able to develop the best games for the Amstrad CPC 464. The main features of this year’s contest are:

  • OFFICIAL AWARDS ( 1.650 € )
    • Special Mentions
    • PRO category
      • 300 € – Best game
      • 220 € – Second best game
      • 150 € – Third best game
      • 100 € – Fourth best game
      • 70 € – Fifth best game
    • UA category
      • 135 € – Best UA students game
      • 75 € – Second best UA stuents game
  • Special Jury

    Special Jury members will evaluate special mentions. Winners of each special mention will get a special seal with the name of the mention.

  • A physical cassette edition with all presented games will be created and distributed
  • Any game themes are valid, as long as they are valid for all publics,
    • Additional points will be given for including gestures to Astro Marine Corps / Creep Soft (1989) for its 30th aniversary. This gestures have to be related to what happens when you lose a live being ingested by a plant. It only will be accepted if it appears during gameplay
  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, 30th of October 2019, 23:59h (CEST Timezone)
  • Award ceremony (estimated): Friday, 8th of November 2019.

Before submiting, please do thoroughly read contest rules. Then, develop your game and fill in the form below for submiting your entry. Please, ensure that you correctly provide your email address, so as we can contact you.

Here you may find some links to developer tools for Amstrad CPC:

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all the jury members and collaborators for their commitment with the contest. Moreover, this year, we are specially proud of and grateful to César Astudillo (Gominolas), Carlos Abril, Pablo Ariza and Arcade Vintage for supporting #CPCRetroDev. Thank you very much to all of you and good luck!

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