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CPCRetroDev 2014 games recap

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest (#CPCRetroDev 2015) organized by the University of Alicante. This contest aims to award the best and more creative developers from Amstrad retro scene, able to create the best games for Amstrad CPC 464. The strongest points of the contest this year are:

    • PRO Category
      • 300 € Best game
      • 150 € 2nd best game
      • 75 € 3rd best game
    • BASIC Category
      • 100 € Best game
      • 50 € 2nd best game
    • Special mentions from the jury
      • 125 € Special mention for best technical achievement
      • 100 € Special Devilish Games mention to the most original game
  • A physical cassette edition will be produced, including all games presented to the contest.
  • Games can be about any theme (provided it is suitable for all publics).
    • There will be a special consiterations (namely, some points) to game including gestures to the movie Back to the Future.
  • Deadline: friday, 23rd of october 2015 (UTC+2)
  • Members of the jury.

If you want to participate, please do carefully read the complete contest rules before. Then you could proceed to create your own game and fill the submission form. It is very important that you ensure that your email is correct, as it will be used to contact you if required.

Recommended tools for creating your games for Amstrad CPC


PDF ICONContest Rules

ZIP File, Up to 12 MB.

We are really grateful to Devilish Games for their collaboration with the contest, for their careful and dedicated support and for taking the physical editions to the market.

Universidad de Alicante Devilish Games El Mundo Del Spectrum Podcast Fase Bonus
Retromaniac Magazine ByteRealms Cheesetea

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