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Contest Closed

#CPCRetroDev 2016 All GamesWelcome to #CPCRetroDev 2017, the 5th edition of the retro game creation contest of the University of Alicante. This contest awards the best and most creative developers of the retro scene, able to develop the best games for Amstrad CPC 464. The main characteristics of this year’s contest are:

  • OFFICIAL AWARDS ( 1.100 € )
    • Special Mentions
    • PRO Category
      • 300 € – Best game
      • 175 € – Second best game
      • 100 € – Third best game
      • 50 € – Fourth best game
      • 25 € – Fifth best game
    • UA Category
      • 100 € – Best game made by UA students
      • 50 € – Second best game made by UA students
    • RetroSpiel Award
        • German enterprise


        • will award with a physical publication, distribution and selling of an extended version of games presented by


        selected teams.

Before submiting, please do thoroughly read contest rules. Then, develop your game and fill in the form below for submiting your entry. Please, ensure that you correctly provide your email address, so as we can contact you.

Here you may find some links to developer tools for Amstrad CPC:


PDF ICONContest Rules

ZIP File, Up to 20 MB.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to jury members and collaborators for their commitment with the contest. Moreover, this year, we are specially proud of and grateful to César Astudillo (Gominolas), Carlos Abril and Pablo Ariza for supporting #CPCRetroDev. A million thanks to all of you!

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12 comments on “CPCRetroDev 2017”

    • ronaldo Reply

      Thank you, Sakis. We are looking forward to organizing 2018 edition, but it is still to early to know details or even if it will be possible. However, we do expect it to happen as it has for latest 5 years. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

      • Sakis Reply

        Many thx Ronaldo! Looking forward for 2018 contest! I have a game almost ready now! It is not a complicated game, as I don’t know anything about game programming generally, but i knew some things from Basic in the CPC manuals which i found again and used. Can i suppose that there is no problem if the game does not uses any game engine? i use only basic because it is the only i know! Of course designining everything manually caused much work, but it is almost ready!

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  4. Stéphane Gourichon (cpcitor) Reply

    Hello. Very nice announcement. Thank you for mentioning my cpc-dev-tool-chain which inspired cpctelera.

    Just to say that “gesture” is not clear in the english version of the rules. “Gesture” evokes things like saying hello with the hand and/or arms, but software had no hands :-). In original spanish version I see “guiño” which literal meaning translates to “wink” and figurative meaning translates to “allusion”.

    Keep up the good work!

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  6. bit Reply

    Hace tiempo se anunció un curso de programación en ensamblador del z80, usando el Amstrad CPC.
    Me gustaría saber si dicho curso se va a realizar finalmente.

    • ronaldo Reply

      Aunque tu pregunta no tiene nada que ver con el #CPCRetroDev, podemos confirmarte que sí. Actualmente tenemos en preparación el curso de programación en ensamblador del Z80, del que llevamos meses creando los contenidos y preparando vídeos. Está previsto que la primera parte del curso se publique en septiembre.

      Recibimos muchas preguntas por el curso, así que esperamos que os guste mucho cuando salga. Lo estamos preparando lo mejor que sabemos para que sea un producto de calidad.

      Un saludo.

      • bit Reply

        Hombre. Algo, algo… yo sí que creo que tiene que ver. Ya que cuando salga el curso, algunos nos lanzaremos a aprender ensamblador para Amstrad y podremos participar en el #CPCRetroDev xD

        Esperaré con ganas el inicio del curso. Muchas gracias y un saludo.

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