CPCRetroDev 2021

Welcome to #CPCRetroDev 2021, the 9th edition of the University of Alicante’s retro game creation contest. This is the contest that rewards the best and most creative developers in the retro scene, capable of making the best video games for Amstrad CPC 464.

Relevant dates

EventDate (UTC + 1)
Submission deadlineTuesday – 2 NOV 2021 – 23:59
Award ceremonyFriday – 12 NOV 2021 – 19:00

Contest Rules


Pos Imagen Juego Grupo Resultado
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TOTAL confirmed until now: 2400in prizes.

The prizes will be distributed in the following categories:

  • Special Mentions:
  • Categoría PRO: Premios a los juegos mejor puntuados del concurso.
    • 330€ - Best game
    • 225€ - Second best game
    • 150€ - Third best game
    • 100€ - Fourth best game
    • 50€ - Fifth best game
  • Categoría UA: UA Category: Awards to the best students of the UA who do not obtain a higher PRO award.
    • 150€ - Best UA students game
    • 75€ - Second best UA students game
  • Sponsors: Prizes awarded by the contest sponsors, with their personalized criteria and dynamics.
  • 300€ – Thanks to an anonymous sponsor, the value of the prizes (within the category Special Mentions) have been doubled.
  • 200 € - AUA award to the best game voted by the public. The game with the highest score awarded by the public voting through the Itch.io platform will get this prize.
  • 150 € - CPCtelera adds 150 € to the value of all awards (PRO category and UA category).
  • 100€ and 5 tickets for the museum - Arcade Vintage 's special mention to the best arcade game.
  • 100€ - Gee-k.net 's award for the best game with multiplayer options. The presented games must include the multiplayer mode as an addition. There will be considered features such as two player options or controls customization.
  • 100 € - Trusiga's award to the most original final product. An innovative, creative, and artistic overall result will be rated as a balanced set of all parts of the videogame. Innovation in the overall user experience will be rewarded with the most polished and harmonious result between graphics, music, gameplay and technique.
  • 70€ - Ready and Play 's award for the best newcomer game. Those developer teams who send their first game to this edition of the CPCRetroDev will compete for this special award.
  • 50€ - Blast Annual 's best Opera Prima. Those developer teams who send their first game to this edition of the CPCRetroDev will compete for this special award.
  • AMSTRADSAKIS & SdA! award for the best games made in BASIC. Games presented to the BASIC category must be completelly programmed in interpreted Locomotive BASIC 1.0. Compiled games or games that use machine code or RSX extensions will not be admitted.
    • 60€ for the best game
    • 40€ for the second best game


Special Jury

Special Jury members will evaluate special mentions. Winners of each special mention will get a special seal with the name of the mention.

Specialists Panel

Every member of the Specialists Panel will evaluate presented games taking into account only one of this characteristics: Fun, Artificial Intelligence and Technical Quality, Music and SFX, Grafical Quality.

Facts of interest

  • A physical cassette edition of all the games presented will be made.
  • The games presented will be of free theme, as long as it is suitable for all audiences.


All games containing a reference to Rainbow Islands / Ocean Software, will receive additional score. This reference will be by showing a rainbow during the gameplay.

Recommended development tools

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Arcade Vintage Ready&Play Juanje juega IndieGameMusic.com Gee-k.net
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