#CPCRetroDev 2023

Welcome to #CPCRetroDev 2023, the 11th edition of the retro videogame creation contest of the University of Alicante. This is the contest that rewards the best and most creative developers of the retro scene, able to make the best video games for Amstrad CPC 464.

Road to #CPCRetroDev 2023

Right now

Sponsors deadline15 sep 202323:59h (UTC+2)
Jury deadline15 sep 202323:59h (UTC+2)

Coming soon

Submissions open13 oct 202300:00h (UTC+2)
Submissions deadline03 nov 202323:59h (UTC+1)
Awards ceremony17 nov 202319:00h (UTC+1)

Awards and Sponsorship

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Cummulative total (8 AUG 2023): ·900 €·

Main awards (Goal: +425€)

AWARDGoalCurrently obtainedState
1st400 €400 €✔ Financed
2nd300 €300 €✔ Financed
3rd225 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
4th125 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
5th75 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!

Estudiantes ( Objetivo: +150€ )

AWARDGoalCurrently obtainedState
1st200 €200 €✔ Financed
2nd100 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!

Special Mentions (Goal: +800€)

AWARDGoalCurrently obtainedState
Best Music & SFX200 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Best AI and technics200 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Best playability200 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Best graphic quality200 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!

BASIC Category (Goal:_+100€)

AWARDGoalCurrently obtainedState
1st70 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
2nd30 €⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!

Other awards (Without specific goal)

AWARDCurrently ObtainedState
Best game by public votes⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Best game with multiplayer option⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Best arcade game⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Most original and innovative game⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!
Best newcommer game (opera prima)⇦ 🖂 Sponsor it!

#CPCRetroDev needs you!
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Contest rules

Gesture and commercial farewell

20 points for including a gesture of Super Cauldron/TITUS in the gameplay.

20 points for including a commercial farewell to the Amstrad CPC in the end of the game.

Both have to be explained in the game’s docummentation, including captures.

Other details

  • A physical cassette edition of all the games presented will be made.
  • The games presented will be freely themed, as long as they are suitable for all audiences.

Recomended development tools



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