#CPCRetrodev 2015 final results and games

#CPCRetroDev 2015 All Games

35 games presented to #CPCRetroDev 2015!

#CPCRetroDev 2015 has ended with one of the greatest results in years for all the Amstrad community. 35 games presented, most of them being really high quality. Jury has had a very complicated decision to select those who deserved awards and mentions. As organizers we only have great words and our deepest appreciation for all of you who have participated or contributed to this contest. This contest exists because of all of you and your dedication, and that’s what makes it especial and magic. This contest is yours, and we hope it to continue being the source of many happy moments for all Amstrad users, with your participation. Thanks a million to all of you!

Next you will find all the games presented to this edition, as well as their final result.

Pos Imagen Juego Grupo Resultado
#CPCRetroDev 2015 final results
1 Space Moves Toni Ramírez (9.24) Winner PRO
2 Frogalot CNGSoft (8.91) Second PRO and Best technical achievement
3 Top Top Rantan Games (8.69) Third PRO
4 4 to 4 Back to The Future www.cpc-power.com (8.66)
5 ZNAX Shinra (7.73)
6 RUN CPC Ervin Pajor (7.43)
7 Space Pest Control usebox.net (6.86)
8 Paranormal Outbreak Noxtale1 (6.78)
9 Concave EgoTrip (6.36)
10 Space Rivals Lublu Entertainment (6.35)
11 The Walking Mummies Cococode (6.21)
12 Regreso al CPC Antonio Corpas Cuenca (6.15) Winner BASIC
13 Super Wrestle Lachlan Keown (5.91)
14 More Than a Prison LTS Games Team A (5.75)
15 FlyBoard Caliv Games (5.68)
16 Void Hawk Z Sr.Goodie Solo (5.63)
17 Mas To The Past Ántrax CPC (5.58) Devilish Games – Most Original Game
18 Bonfire MythiaFire (5.46)
19 Junior! MiguelSky (5.10) Second BASIC
20 CPCLegends Monje Saki (5.09)
21 Redemption LTS Games Team B (4.95)
22 Back To The Disco Disco (4.75)
23 Lounge Gladiator Pyxies (4.50)
24 Color Crabs Malva (4.43)
25 CPCTanks CPZero (4.19)
26 True Colors Nucleus (4.10)
27 NWO GameStorming (4.03)
28 Templarious Maximus CPHero (4.00)
29 World Threat RetroProgramming (3.99)
30 Drain Noxtale2 (3.91)
31 Super Thordercam CARLIO (3.85)
32 2Legends Rubi (3.48)
33 Endless Brawl NeonGames2 (3.19)
34 Scape MMTStudio (2.66)
35 SnakeAmstrad NeonGames (2.20)
36 I Walk Alone Carlos Alfaro (-) Disqualified

The organizers would like to give big big thanks to the work, effort and profesionalism of all jury members. To Devilish Games, El Mundo del Spectrum, Fase Bonus, Lucera Project, RetroManiac: our deepest gratitude for your collaboration, attendance and support in all things required by the contest.

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    • ronaldo Reply

      Instructions, source code and information sheets about all the games are going to be published next weeks, in a game by game fashion.

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