Results and games from #CPCRetroDev 2017

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29 juegos presentados al #CPCRetroDev 2017!

Finally, there have been 29 new games presented to the #CPCRetroDev 2017; some less in number than in previous years, but with an increasing and impressive average quality level. We have had the opportunity to see new participants shine with great results and many students improve their quality levels by programming in assembler. We are really proud to have received such high quality productions and more than grateful to the participants. We hope to be able to continue sharing your enthusiasm, courage and abilities, and enjoying with you the best games for our Amstrad CPC. Thank you all so much!

Next we leave you with the final classification and the 29 complete games so that you can enjoy them:

Pos Image Game Group Result
** Download all the games (ZIP) **

The fifth edition of the #CPCRetroDev has left us with a great taste of mouth thanks to the efforts of all participants, collaborators, organizers and the members of the jury. Thank you all for making #CPCRetroDev the best Amstrad CPC contest in the world. Thanks to Universidad de Alicante, la Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital, Escuela Politécnica Superior, ByteRealms, Cheesetea, MUA, El Mundo del Spectrum, Fase Bonus, Lucera Project, RetroManiac, Amstrad Eterno y Devilish Games.

Of course, a special thank you to the members of the historical jury who have collaborated with us enormously and who raise the prestige of the competition to the heavens. Millions of thanks to Carlos Abril, Cesar Astudillo (Gominolas) and Pablo Ariza. Thank you for making the 5th anniversary of #CPCRetroDev the best edition to date.