34 new games presented to #CPCRetroDev 2016

Deadline for the 4th edition of the #CPCRetroDev Game Development Contest has already passed and 34 games have made their way in. Only 2 entries have prevented this edition to establish a new world record of Amstrad Games presented to a contest. That incredible award remains for one more year in the 2015 edition.

Many new interesting concepts and seriously profesional games have been submitted and are awaiting jury’s decision. Some other games have not achieved high quality standards, but most of them are great ideas to explore and continue developing. We sincerely hope all developers have enjoyed creating games for the Amstrad, and expect them to continue and finish giving us new great products to enjoy.

While the jury is still deliberating, enjoy watching some gameplay videos of the 34 entries. You will be willing to play them all! 🙂

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