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34 new games presented to #CPCRetroDev 2016

Deadline for the 4th edition of the #CPCRetroDev Game Development Contest has already passed and 34 games have made their way in. Only 2 entries have prevented this edition to establish a new world record of Amstrad Games presented to a contest. That incredible award remains for one more year in the 2015 edition. Many

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Top Top / Rantan Games

Top Top Authors: Rantan Games (Sandra María Garzón Hernández, David Girón Jareño, @RantanGames) Presented at: #CPCRetroDev 2015 Ranked: 3 / 36 Platform: Amstrad CPC 464 Language: C / CPCtelera Size: 32 KBs Development time: 4 meses Controls: WASD+FG, Cursors+OP, check Controles section Info sheet (in spanish, as provided by authors) Top Top es un videojuego

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Frogalot / CNGSoft

Frogalot Author: César Nicolás González (CNGSOFT) Presented at: #CPCRetroDev 2015 Ranked: 2 / 36 (Second PRO and Special Mention to the Best Technical Achievement, 275 €) Plataform: Amstrad CPC 464 Language: Assembler (AS80) Size: 11 KBs (Compressed) Development Time: 4 months Controls: Left: Z/R/N/left cursor; Right: X/T/M/right cursor; Jump: Space/G/F; Pause: P; Exit: ESC Info

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