#CPCRetroDev 2014 Awards Ceremony (video)

One year ago, past October, 25th 2014, we celebrated the first awards ceremony of #CPCRetroDev contest, which was live video-streamed through the Internet. 6 nomitated teams presented their creations live, just before knowing the winners. Finally, Super Retro Robot Rampage / Vortex won the first prize, leaving Orc’s Dungeon / Fracture Games in second position. Auxilio Aéreo / Antonio Corpas got the prize to the best BASIC game.

Past edition left 2 awards for Alicante developers (both teams integrated by university students) and one Cordoba (Spain). Who will get the 900€ this year? Will students from the University of Alicante do it again? Or will best international developers claim for their throne? This year we expect that growing competition gives us more and better games for our Amstrad CPC to share and enjoy.

There still are 2 months left until #CPCRetroDev 2015 deadline (October, 23th 2015). Do you accept the challenge?

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