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Results and Games from #CPCRetroDev 2018

After months of hard work and lot of increasing interest, no less than 41 new games have entered #CPCRetroDev 2018. An outstanding record that will be incredibly difficult to beat for sure. Moreover, global and particular quality of games has increased significantly. Terrific games have been presented that, in Carlos Abril words, many of us

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#CPCRetroDev 2016: Results and games

34 new games presented to #CPCRetroDev 2016 and many other development published for the Amstrad CPC. It is a great pleasure to see the Amstrad community grow and improve once again. As organizers of the #CPCRetroDev we feel proud of the Amstrad community, and we are deeply grateful to all participants. It has been superb

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Oliver Twins to be jury for #CPCRetroDev 2016

Philip Oliver has confirmed that he an his brother Andrew Oliver will be part of #CPCRetroDev 2016 jury. Philip and Andrew, known as The Oliver Twins, will evaluate presented games with respect to 4 main aspects: Fun&Engagement, Technical Quality, Graphics&Artistic Quality, and Music&Sound Effects. Their evaluation will be part of the general score that will

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