Results and Games from #CPCRetroDev 2018

#CPCRetroDev 2018 All Games

41 juegos presentados al #CPCRetroDev 2018!

After months of hard work and lot of increasing interest, no less than 41 new games have entered #CPCRetroDev 2018. An outstanding record that will be incredibly difficult to beat for sure. Moreover, global and particular quality of games has increased significantly. Terrific games have been presented that, in Carlos Abril words, many of us would have buyed without any doubt 30 years ago for our Amstrad CPC. We cannot be more grateful to all participants for their perseverance, passion, eagerness and audacy. Tanks to you the Amstrad community hits another annual milestone and continues growing. Like we said during the ceremony, all of you are the true protagonists making Amstrad, the #CPCRetroDev, the community and GameDev in general bigger and better. We are completely proud of you and we hope to continue organizing the contest to encourage you int creating more and better games of great quality for us to enjoy. A million thanks for your great work!

Next you will found the final ranking and the 41 complete games for you to enjoy:

Pos Imagen Juego Grupo Resultado
** Download all the games (ZIP) **

This sixth edition of #CPCRetroDev has been the most espectacular to date thaks to all participants, collaborators, sponsors and members of the jury. Thanks to all of you for making #CPCRetroDev the best Amstrad CPC contest of the world. Thanks to Universidad de Alicante, la Cátedra Santander-UA de Transformación Digital, Escuela Politécnica Superior, ByteRealms, Cheesetea, el MUA, El Mundo del Spectrum, Lucera Project, RetroManiac, Relevo Videogames, Amstrad Eterno, Devilish Games, Arcade Vintage, Octoate, Xyphoe, Juanje Juega, Pedja, Spidey and Amstrad CPC Classic Gaming & Demos.

And, of course, huge appretiations to all jury members, in particular special jury members for actively collaborating with passion and excitement, and for making #CPCRetroDev such a prestigious contest. A million thanks to Carlos Abril, Cesar Astudillo (Gominolas), Pablo Ariza and Jon Cortázar. Thanks for making this sixth edition of the #CPCRetroDev unforgettable.

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  4. HAL6128 Reply

    It is highly (and yearly) impressing how much impact to the Z80 (CPC) Scene a university course & “programers camp” ends up in such extremly good competition results. Respect!

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